Intent Identification — Key to better customer satisfaction
3 min readMay 21, 2021


In the digital world, customer service is becoming increasingly dependent on conversations. Whether it is a consumer calling the brand or vice versa, the conversations invariably yield a great deal of information. These conversations reveal what is communicated by whom and what impact it makes on the customer satisfaction, sales conversions, referrals and customer retention. In the wake of the pandemic, digital communication has grown in leaps and bounds as the conventional conversations have dried up. Therefore, as a brand, it is important for you to identify the intent behind these conversations to improve customer satisfaction.

Each conversation that takes place through voice, email, chat and social media contains invaluable insights or ‘intent’ which can now be identified through advanced Conversational AI platforms such as Mihup Speech Analytics (VIA).

Mihup Virtual Interaction Analyst (VIA) is a holistic platform for all customer interactions across multiple channels. It works on real-time basis as the conversation or live chat progresses. This cutting edge platform has brought to fore incredible possibilities and benefits for the customer satisfaction domain.

Just imagine the transformation brought about by such technology. Each and every conversation is analyzed by the system and the AI component smartly detects and evaluates emotions such as delight, disappointment, anger and restlessness etc. The automated speech-to-text tool delivers real-time transcription of the call. All these components combine to provide a quick identification of customer intent. The agents can get recommendations on their screen to further improvise the conversation or to upsell/cross-sell products and services. This kind of sophisticated intent identification holds the key to customer delight and retention.

Meaning of Intent Identification

Through analysis of a conversation, the AI smartly classifies each conversation into different intent segments such as ‘purchase’, ‘technical issue’, ‘upgrade’, ‘subscribe’, ‘unsubscribe’ and helps determine the nature of customer queries in an automated manner. It is obvious that each customer conversation has a purpose or intent. Mihup VIA helps businesses identify that intent quickly and accurately. This leads to superior customer retention, sales conversion, customer loyalty and even referrals.

Benefits of intent identification

Mihup VIA empowers businesses to improve performance in areas like sales, customer service and collections. It can be easily deployed on cloud or on premises to address the data security concerns and policies of client organizations. Mihup VIA is the best-in-class Mixed Language Speech Recognition Engine and it is optimized for Indian vernacular as well as global languages and their dialects. It can analyse conversations across tones and accents to deliver precise insights. It also has a Sentiment Analysis ability which can help identify customer sentiments based on evaluation of rate of speech, silence, tone and voice energy etc.

Through the revolutionary intent identification capabilities of Mihup VIA, organizations can swiftly train their agents and ensure that they get real time insights to steer any conversation towards the desired outcome such as sales, collection or customer query resolution quickly.

It is time to harness the power of Speech Analytics through Mihup VIA!



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