Mihup VIA: Providing Multilingual Support To Improve Customer Experience

India has an estimated 125 million English speakers, but no more than 0.3 million of those use it as their first language. Majority of the 1.35 billion plus Indians speak one or the other of the 22 vernacular languages and their dialects recognized across the country. Today, the rapidly growing internet coverage and smartphone access in rural areas and smaller cities has ensured that the audience has access to digital tools, social media, entertainment and other services. However, these are predominantly available in English whereas most of the users communicate in Hindi or the other 21 plus Indian languages. It is estimated that by the end of 2030, 90% new Indian internet users would be vernacular language users.[1]

This growth of vernacular language internet users augurs well for the businesses, but, it poses some challenges too. Hindi speakers constitute the largest chunk of vernacular language audience in India and there are millions of people who struggle to interact with self service customer care portals because they don’t understand written and spoken English or understand how to navigate an IVR menu. This is why any organization looking to establish a pan-India footprint it is needs to have vernacular capabilities.

The need for vernacular support and services has also become amplified in the wake of the current pandemic. Frequent curfews, lockdowns, and the remote working culture have all made it difficult for the contact centers to function with the same efficiency that they used to. To resolve these issues, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered speech analytics has come to fore. Speech Analytics offers fantastic opportunities for businesses across industries to overcome customer support and engagement challenges.

Mihup VIA is one of the best-in-class vernacular language speech analytics platforms with a diverse range of features. Mihup VIA has great potential of transforming customer experience for enterprises in FMCG, Retail, BFIS, Telecom, technology, automobiles and other sectors. It helps businesses improve their customer engagement by analysis of 100% customer interactions across voice as well as chat support. It is a best-in-class mixed language platform capable of understanding English, Hindi, Hinglish and other mixes of vernacular languages with English.

Mihup VIA has a mixed language speech recognition engine which is suited for Indian vernacular languages as well as their dialects, tones and accents. It can analyse conversations in English, Hindi, Hinglish or a mixture of specific other vernacular languages with English. At Mihup, we are constantly adding new language abilities to make the platform more beneficial for a pan-India audience.

Going beyond the conventional speech analysis, Mihup VIA is also capable of sentiment and intent analysis by studying the tone, voice energy, silence and rate of speech of the customer. Thus, it enables the customer service departments to further fine-tune their responses and create a more personalized and immersive customer engagement experience for the users.

[1] https://startuptalky.com/vernacular-medium-market/