The emergence of Virtual Agents in Vehicles

Your smart AI-powered in-car personal assistant

The world has seen a lot of progress in the area of smart car assistants in the last few years. Initially, people started using their mobile phone assistants such as Siri to make calls while driving, and guiding them through the navigation apps. Once the car makers identified the potential of using such AI assistants to improve in-vehicle experience for the passengers, they started developing and deploying such voice assistants in their vehicles. About 73% of respondents in a survey were either found to be using AI voice assistants in their vehicles or expected to use one by 2022. While the technology at present is at an early stage, the journey has started and would eventually bring fully autonomous vehicles to our roads in the future.

Predicting the future

Car makers are increasingly collaborating with innovators and telecom companies to create solutions which can work online and even in the low connectivity areas. According to estimates, the global connected car market will cross the $150 billion mark by 2022 itself. These numbers are going to skyrocket further as 117 million vehicles with in-built wireless connectivity are expected to be sold every year by 2028. To sum it up, while the flying car might still be some distance away, your next car could very well be talking!



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